Frequently asked questions

Can we buy without VAT?
VAT will not be charged when complying with one of the criteria below.

  • When you are located in an EU country outside the Netherlands or Belgium and you have a valid EU VAT number*.
  • When you are located in a country outside the EU.

* When placing an order online, you can also enter your VAT number. The VAT number will automatically be checked online. If the VAT number is valid and consistent with the company name in your order, no VAT will be calculated.

Are you able to send me a catalogue of coin banks?

That is not possible. All coin banks at can only be viewed at our online webshop. Upon request, we can send you pictures of the coin bank which you are interested in and/or provide specific information in a different manner.

Are there any fixed charges for imprints on coin banks?
No! You pay the printing cost given for the specific piggy bank and no fixed charges are added to that. You are not charged for set-up costs, film costs or other costs for preparation!

Do we always have to order online?
Of course not! You can also order by email ( or by fax/post! Though placing an online order for coin banks through this webshop is often the fastest way of ordering.

Are we also able to order the coin banks through our established corporate gift supplier?
Yes, definitely! Our coin banks are also available through all approved suppliers of corporate gifts. Ask your established corporate gift supplier or preferred supplier to contact us and we will discuss your order with them.

Will coin bank samples be sent to me free of charge?
Unfortunately not. We charge for these as this helps us to keep our prices low. Once you are a customer of ours, we will not enforce this rule too strictly.

Are private individuals also able to order coin banks?
No! Our coin banks are only supplied to companies, organisations, institutions, associations, etc. and not to private individuals.

Are all coin banks in stock?
The current stock is shown for each coin bank at However, a certain coin bank may just have sold out but this only happens rarely. If you would like to know whether the coin bank that you require is in stock, please contact us by telephone. We will be able to provide you with an answer immediately and, if required, we can reserve the relevant coin bank for you (free of obligation) to give you a period of reflection.

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