Supplying artwork for imprinting piggy banks

Artwork for printing coin banks and other branded gifts can be supplied as follows:

- As an EPS vector file (.EPS).
- As an Adobe Illustrator file (.AI).
- As a CorelDraw file (.CDR).

Artwork for printing can almost always be requested free of charge from your designer or from the printer of, for example, your business cards or other corporate gifts.
Preferably the font that is used has to be converted into contours, but you can also supply the fonts that are used separately. It is best to stipulate colours as PMS colours. If the desired print only consists of text, you simply have to inform us of the required text and font. If required, we can also select a clear font on your behalf.

Vector file formats always give the best result. Pixel files such as JPG, GIF, BMP & TIF cannot always be used as these will not always give a well-defined printed result. Depending on the corporate gift we have to print on, a raster image (pixelated) or graduated shading in the printwork can be restrictive from a technical point of view during printing. If rasters or graduated shading are part of the print that you require, once you have supplied the desired print, we will advise on how the best possible result can be achieved.

We have our own design studio and will be more than happy to work with you to find the best solution. When you place an order with us we will provide the layout of your imprint totally free of charge. You will always receive a clear PDF proof of the provided print, usually within just 1 to 2 hours after you have placed the order (on working days). This visual shows you how your logo and imprint will look on the coin bank. The order will not be processed until the order confirmation has been approved and signed.

If you have any questions about imprints on coin banks or corporate gifts, please feel free to contact our studio.

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