Delivery of orders

Coin banks that are ordered from are delivered in accordance with the procedure outlined below.

  • Our order confirmation includes an ultimate delivery date, but we always try to deliver your order a little earlier.
  • Coin banks are almost always delivered to you by one of the large carriers (DHL or DPD). Depending on the country, this may also be a regional carrier.
  • Your coin bank order will delivered from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:30 hours.
  • If the delivery cannot be made, a second attempt will be made on the next working day. If delivery is again not possible, a note will be left behind so that you can contact the carrier directly.

Because orders are usually delivered to commercial addresses, deliveries generally take place without any problems. Your order can also be delivered to a private address, but we advise against this. Carriers can sometimes have problems entering residential areas with delivery lorries, or there can be other factors that prevent or cause delays to the delivery of your money boxes. For that reason, we recommend that money box orders are always delivered to commercial addresses.

If you have any questions about delivering coin banks, please call our sales team. From Monday to Friday we can be contacted by telephone from 08:30 to 17:30 hours on number + 31 71 364 78 09.

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